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SRRI, Puducherry

Siddha Regional Research Institute
Chellaperumal Street, Kuyavarpalayam
Puducherry – 605013 [India]
Phone: 0413 – 2245072  |  Fax: 0413 – 2244042

OPD Timings: 8am to 12pm

Special OPDs:

  1. Monday – Non communicable Diseases (Diabetes etc.)
  2. Tuesday – Geriatric

The Regional Research Institute for Siddha in Puducherry was established on 22nd August, 1979. The Government of Puducherry came forward to provide basic infrastructure for setting up of this institute. Initially, the institute was located in a block of Government General Hospital. This institute started functioning in its own premises at Kuyavarpalaiyam since 2003 with a well-maintained campus and picturesque herbal garden with more than 150 medicinal plants.

This institute has enough infrastructure with various departments –- out-patient department, in-patient department, Varmam clinic, dispensary, clinical pathology laboratory and a library. An in-patient department with 25 beds is being utilized for various clinical research projects. Since inception the institute is engaged in clinical research on Siddha formulations for various ailments like leucorrhoea, eczema , anaemia, peptic ulcer, ascites , rheumatism , vitiligo, diabetes mellitus , fibroid uterus, osteoarthritis and urolithiasis .

Siddha Regional Research Institute, Puducherry