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Siddha Day

Siddhar Agasthiyar was born in Star “Ayilyam” in the Tamil month Margazhi. The Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India has accorded approval for observing his birthday as “Siddha Day” every year. Accordingly “Siddha Day” will be observed with the support from Ministry of AYUSH. The celebration is proposed to be conducted in a befitting manner so that the general public are conscientised about the benefits of Siddha system of Medicine through various activities, using that day as an occasion. In addition, various events/activities are planned to take the Siddha system forward by the practitioners, researchers, faculty members, students and all stake holders of Siddha system.

Objectives of Siddha Day

· To sensitize the public about the holistic approach of healthcare and disease prevention

· To propagate the unique strengths of Siddha Medicine

· To integrate Siddha into the mainstream of healthcare

· To equip the students, faculty members and practitioners of Siddha for providing standard care

· To harness the potential of Siddha to incorporate into National Health Policy & National Health Programs

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