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  1. A patent was obtained for 777 Oil for Psoriasis with no.166740/ dt. 11.09.1987 and the product is in the market.
  2. D5 Chooranam (Poly herbal formulation for Type II Diabetes Mellitus). The patent was filed and it got published in the patent journal with no 2578/CHE/2015 on 05-06-2015.
  3. A patent was applied with the title Simple and low cost process for the preparation of synergistic Bio-active compound JACOM for the management of H1N1 influenza virus infection with the patent number E-101/10871/2017 – CHE on 15-5-17.
  4. A patent was filed entitled “Synergistic natural novel usage of Siddha formulation – Thiripala Chooranam as pharmaceutical excipient” with the application number 201841011646 dated 28.03.2018.
  5. One more patent has been filed on facile green synthesis of iron oxide using Acalypha indica L. – A Siddha medicinal plant and its application thereof application number- 201841015633 dated 25.04.2018