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SMPG, Mettur

Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden
17, SDO Quarters, Opp. Ulavar Sandhai
Cauvery Nagar,, Mettur Dam – 636 401 [India]
Phone No. 04298 – 243 773
Email: smpgmettur[at]gmail[dot]com

The Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden (SMPG), Mettur was established in the year 2004. It is engaged in the maintenance and development of herbal garden and cultivation of medicinal plants. A polygreen house, covering an area of 0.12 acres with 500 live potted plants, which include 35 RET species, is located in this garden. An arboretum is being maintained with 511 trees covering 177 species. A nursery with 130 medicinal plants serves the visitors by providing medicinal plants at a nominal rate.


  1. Medico-ethno botanical survey and collection of medicinal plants.
  2. Botanical identification of medicinal plants.
  3. Market drugs authentication.
  4. Market survey for collection of information on major crude drugs.
  5. Pharmacognosy.
  6. Herbarium and museum keeping.
  7. Documentation of herbal medicine in tribal communities.
  8. Photography and documentation.
  9. Publication of research activities.
  10. Collection and supply of authentic plant materials for research.
  11. Assessment on the cultivation of medicinal plants by different agencies.

Lay-out of the Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden (SMPG), Mettur

Medico-Ethno-Botanical Survey

Survey and Collection: Survey and collection tours are undertaken to access the wealth of medicinal plants in the forest area and to maintain drug supply to CCRS institutes to undertake study on drug standardization, clinical trial and to meet the requirements of pharmacy. In addition to the collection of medicinal plants, live plants / seedlings are collected to be added in the Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden, Mettur dam. Raw drugs are collected and supplied to SCRI, Chennai and SRRI, Trivandrum for standardization.

Drugs are studied for their pharmacognostical aspects. Identification / microscopical study of Siddha formulations / single drugs are also done here. Drug samples purchased from the raw drug stores for the preparation of Siddha medicines are also examined for the authenticity of their botanical sources.