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   The research activities of CCRS are carried out through 8 peripheral Institutes / Units in the State of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and the Union Territories of Puducherry and New Delhi.
Drug research, Literary and fundamental research, Clinical research and Medicinal plants research are being carried out in these units.

Peripheral Institutes / Units of CCRS:

• Siddha Central Research Institute (SCRI), Chennai.
• Siddha Regional Research Institute (SRRI), Puducherry.
• Siddha Regional Research Institute, Thiruvananthapuram.
• Siddha Clinical Research Unit, Palayamkottai.
• Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden, Mettur.
• Siddha Clinical Research Unit, New Delhi.
• Siddha Clinical Research Unit, Bengaluru.
• Siddha Clinical Research Institute, Tirupati.

Co-located units of CCRS

• Siddha wing at AYUSH Wellness Clinic at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi
• A Siddha OP wing – All India Institute of Ayurveda at Saritha Vihar, New Delhi
• Apart from this, Siddha Medical Services Unit, Health Centre at Pondicherry university provide Siddha treatment for the staff of the university.

Broad areas involved by peripheral Institutes / Units of CCRS:

1. Clinical Research
2. Drug Standardization
3. Literary Research & Documentation Programme
4. Medicinal plants Research and Medico-Ethno Botanical Survey
5. Miscellaneous Activities
   a. National Pharmaco-vigilance Programme for Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani (ASU) Drugs
   b. Health care services through Out – Patient Department (OPD) and In-Patient Departments (IPDs)
   c. Specialty Clinics for Geriatric Health Care
   d. Specialty Clinics for Reproductive and Child Healthcare
   e. Specialty Clinics for Diabetes Mellitus
   f. Specialty Clinics for Flu-like Illness
   g. Specialty Clinics for Varmam, Thokkanam and Bone setting
   h. Swasthya Rakshan Programme

Siddha Central Research Institute, Chennai (SCRIC)

  Siddha Central Research Institute (SCRI) is identified as a potential centre of excellence for clinical research. This Institute is located in the campus of Anna Government Hospital of Indian systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy at Arumbakkam, Chennai. Central Research Institute for Siddha was established in the year 1971. It has all the facilities for preclinical and clinical studies. Pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, pharmacology, literary research, clinical research, Biochemistry, clinical pathology and pharmacy are the various departments functioning under Siddha Central Research Institute. Siddha Central Research Institute is a referral hospital for Psoriasis. It has a 50-bedded research hospital for

Siddha Regional Research Institute, Puducherry (SRRIP)

  The Regional Research Institute for Siddha in Puducherry was established on
22nd August, 1979. This institute started functioning in its own premises at Kuyavarpalayam since 2003 with a well-maintained campus and picturesque herbal garden with more than 150 medicinal plants. This institute has various departments like out-patient department,
in-patient department, Varmam clinic, dispensary, clinical pathology laboratory and a library.
An in-patient department with 25 beds is being utilized for various clinical research projects.

Siddha Regional Research Institute, Thiruvananthapuram (SRRIT)

  During the year 1986, a Clinical Research Unit (Siddha) was established by the then Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (CCRAS) in a rented building in the Poojapura area of Thiruvananthapuram and functioned there till 2002. Subsequently the unit was merged with Regional Research Institute (Drug Research), Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram. Geriatric cases are treated in the outpatient department. A new outpatient department for Varmam therapy has been started in SRRI, Thiruvananthapuram and patients suffering from various ailments are being treated by Varmam therapy.

Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden, Mettur Dam (SMPGMD)

  The Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden (SMPG), Mettur was established in the year 2004. It is engaged in the maintenance and development of herbal garden and cultivation of medicinal plants. A polygreen house, covering an area of 0.12 acres with 500 live potted plants, which include 35 RET species, is located in this garden. An arboretum is being maintained with 511 trees covering 177 species. A nursery with 130 medicinal plants serves the visitors by providing medicinal plants at a nominal rate.

Major Activities at SMPG, Mettur:

• Medico-ethno botanical survey and collection of medicinal plants.
• Botanical identification of medicinal plants.
• Market drugs authentication.
• Market survey for collection of information on major crude drugs.
• Pharmacognosy.
• Herbarium and museum keeping.
• Documentation of herbal medicine in tribal communities.
• Photography and documentation.
• Publication of research activities.
• Collection and supply of authentic plant materials for research.
• Assessment on the cultivation of medicinal plants by different agencies.

Siddha Clinical Research Unit, Palayamkottai (SCRUP)

  The Siddha Clinical Research Unit was established on 6th February 1980 in the premises of Government Siddha Medical College campus, Palayamkottai. The Survey of Medicinal Plants Unit (SMPU), to its credit, has surveyed around 300 forest areas, which include both Eastern and Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu. A Herbarium hall with 9000 Herbarium sheets covering 1986 individual species and a Museum with 1000 crude drug materials are maintained. General OPD, Varmam OPD and External therapies like Fumigation, Poultice, Bandaging etc., are provided at Siddha Clinical Research Unit, Palayamkottai. An in-patient department with 10 beds is being utilized for various clinical research projects.

Siddha Clinical Research Institute, New Delhi (SCRUND)

  The Siddha Clinical Research Unit started its function on 29th February 2016 in the campus of Ayurveda & Unani Tibbia College, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, in the space provided inside the by the Department of AYUSH, Govt. of NCT of Delhi. At present Out-patient Department (General and Varmam OPD) services, Geriatric OPD and Clinical research activities are being carried out at the Unit.

The Unit is also providing OPD services in the Integrated AYUSH OPD, All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), Sarita Vihar, New Delhi on Fridays and Saturdays.

AYUSH Wellness Clinic (AWC), New Delhi:

  Ayush Wellness Clinic was inaugurated by the president of India on 25th Jul 2016, which has a Siddha wing along with the wings of other AYUSH systems. Keeping in view the emphasis laid by the Government to holistic methods of healing and therapy by Indian systems of medicine & homeopathy, Rasthrapati Bhavan has established the AYUSH Wellness Clinic (AWC) in the President’s Estate. The Clinic is catering to the medical needs of the President, officials of President’s Secretariat and residents of the President’s Estate. Various disease conditions like Vali (Vatha) Disorders, Diabetes, Psoriasis, Eczema, Bronchial Asthma, Haemorrhoids, Renal calculi etc. are being treated. Treatment includes both internal medicines and External therapies as mentioned in Siddha literature and as per CCRS guidance. Varmam Therapy is one of the unique therapies offered by this Siddha wing to patients suffering from all types of Vali (Vatha) Disorders. Apart from Varmam Therapy external therapies like Fumigation, Poultice, Bandaging, etc. therapies are also available for patients.

Siddha Clinical Research Institute, Bengaluru (SCRUB):

  Siddha Clinical Research Unit (SCRU) started functioning at the campus of Govt. Sri Jayachamarajendra Ayurveda Hospital, Dhanvantri Road, Bengaluru since 25th May, 2017. Speciality treatments like varmam and Thokkanam therapies for Musculo-skeletal and neurological problems, are available for patients.

Siddha Clinical Research Institute, Tirupati(SCRUT):

  Siddha Clinical Research Unit (SCRU) started functioning at the campus of Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences (SVIMS), Alipiri Road, Tirupati since 16th January, 2019. Speciality treatments like varmam and Thokkanam therapies for Musculo-skeletal and neurological problems, are available for patients.