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2019 | Jul-Dec | Volume 2 | Issue 2

Table of Contents – Journal of Research in Siddha Medicine (J Res Sid Med)

2019 | Volume 2 | Issue 2


1. Multi-disciplinary Research to Promote Siddha System of Medicine as Evidence Based Medicine – Page 1-2
K Kanakavalli


2. A Review on Pharmacological Approach of the Therapeutic Property of Madhuca longifolia (J.Koenig ex L.) J. f. Macbr. Flower– Page 3 -10
Bibha Mishra A, Usha T

3. Varmam Therapy in Management of Peenisam (Sinusitis) – A Review Page 10-13.
Eswaran C *, Vanmathi KP, Harihara Mahadevan M, Thilagavathi R

4. Herbal Remedies from Aquatic and Semi-aquatic Plants Conserved at Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden (CCRS), Mettur Dam, Salem District, Tamil Nadu – Page 16-29
M Manokari, M Padma Sorna Subramanian

5. Proximal and Phytochemical Analysis of Wild Jack Fruit Seeds (Artocarpus hirsutus Lam.), Anti- Diabetic and Anti-Microbial Properties and Formulation of Food Products – Page 30-35
Krishnapriya K, Kanjana K

6. Anti-Proliferative Activity of Green Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles (AgNPs) from a Siddha Medicinal Plant Enicostema axillare (Poir. ex Lam.) A.Raynal – Page 36-41
Miranalini V, Rajalakshmi P, Vadivel V

7. Hypoglycemic Effect of Black Cumin Seeds (Nigella sativa L.) on Type 2 Diabetes – Page 42-48
Ragavi M, Muthumeenakshi P

8. Changes of Vaginal pH With Vengaaraneer Douche in Kabayonirogam (Vulvovaginal Candidiasis) –
Page 49-53
BharathiS, Sushmitha S, Chithra SM, Anbu N


09.In-vitro Investigation of Antidiabetic Potential of Traditional Herb Passiflora edulis Sims –  Page 54-57.
Varsha Rani R, Shyam Madhavan K, K Mangathayaru

10. Study on Acute Toxicity of Anti-Flatulent Siddha Formulation Kattu Maantha Kudineer in Swiss Albino Rats – Page 58-61
Tamil Muhil MK