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2019 | Jan-Jun | Volume 2 | Special Issue on Yoga

Table of Contents – Journal of Research in Siddha Medicine (J Res Sid Med)

2019 | Jan-Jun | Volume 2 | Special Issue on Yoga


1. Popularizing Yoga: Challenges Ahead –Page 1-2
K Kanakavalli


2. Treatment of Tūkkamiṉmai (Insomnia) Through Siddha Yoga Practice Tirumūlar Piraṇāyāmam: A Case Report– Page 3-9
I Joshi, S Merish, AS Poongodi Kanthimathi

3. Management of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) by Yoga and Siddha Intervention – A Case Study – Page 10-13.
R Thilagavathi

4. Effect of Siddha Medicine and Yogam In Swasakasam (Bronchial Asthma) Patient – A Case Report –Page 14-17.
P Mirunaleni,K Elavarasan,R Manickavasagam,K Kanakavalli


5. Yoga for Healthy Life: Siddhar Thirumoolar’s Concept in Siddha System of Medicine – An Overview– Page 18-21.
K Kanakavalli, S Natarajan, C Anbarasi

6. Therapeutic Efficacy ofYoga in Non-Communicable Diseases –Page 22-28
G Yogalakshmi, HNSofia, K Manickavasakam

7. Yoga Remedy for Insomnia in Clinical Research – A Review– Page 29-33.
KS MaanickhaChelvi, A Kanagarajan

8. Prevention and Curative Aspect of Siddha Therapeutic Yoga Sarvangasanam in Uterine Disorders –Page 34-36.
K Arunachalam, DS Vaniswari, K Nandhagopal, S Radha, K Samraj

9. Concept of Pranayamam in Naadi, Habitat and Seasonal Changes – A Review- Page 37-41.
M Subhathra, B Vikesh, R Manickavasagam

10. Yogam (Yogic Principles) as a Reassuring Therapy for Improving Quality of Life in Cancer Survivors – A Review –Page 42-48.
S Vinayak, R Shyamala, W Eugene, K Kanakavalli

11. Views of Agathiyar, Bogar, Pulathiyar and Thirumoolar about Ashtaanga Yogam– Page 49-52.
Binthuja G Dharan

12. Human Hibernation and Samadhi Nilai of CittarAttanga Yogam – A Literature Review– Page 53-57.
M Harihara Mahadevan, KP Vanmathi, C Eswaran