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About Us

   The Central Council for Research in Siddha (CCRS) is an autonomous body registered under societies act in July 2010 under Dept. of AYUSH, presently Ministry of AYUSH), Government of India, New Delhi. It is an apex body in India for initiating, undertaking, formulating, developing, co-ordinating and promoting research in Siddha on scientific lines. Central Council for Research in Siddha is recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India from 21.08.2014.
   In September 2010, the Central Council for Research in Siddha (CCRS) was formed by bifurcation of the erstwhile Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (CCRAS).


   To endeavor for quality and global governance in the discipline of Siddha by broad research for assuring the safety and cost effective products to restrict /control / heal various disease conditions.


  •For developing CCRS into a successful and model research organization to enterprise, coordinate, support and develop research in Siddha medicine.
  •For translating and propagating Siddha concepts and practices into updated versions for global reach for further advancements.
  •For attaining global leadership in research in Siddha treatment modalities to address the emerging non-communicable disorders and other health related issue.


  • Development of safe, effective Siddha medicines and therapeutic techniques for diseases of national and global importance.
  • Validation of classical Siddha formulations and therapies.
  • Capacity building programmes on Research methodology and drug development.
  • R &D support for academic, research institutes and industry.
  • Dissemination of research outcome through publications and research journals.

Committees and Regulations:

  • The Government of India set up the Siddha Pharmacopoeia Committee (SPC) in 1975 for prescribing standards for single drugs and compound formulations mentioned in Siddha
literature for the use of manufacturers and practitioners.
  • All Intra Mural Research (IMR) projects are placed before the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of CCRS for approval.
  • CCRS is coordinating the research projects related to Siddha under the Extra- mural Research Scheme of Department of AYUSH since 2011.
  • Clinical trials are subjected to the approval and monitoring by the Institutional Ethical Committee (IEC) strictly adhering to GCP – AYUSH guidelines
  • Animal Studies are subjected to the approval and monitoring by the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC).
  • The Good Agricultural and Cultivation Practices (GACP) are implemented in medicinal plant research.
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate has been obtained for Siddha Central Research
Institute (SCRI) Pharmacy, Chennai.